Wormax.io is a brand new multiplayer online game from the io game series. Wormax are the worms that are played by players fighting among themselves for supremacy. The game "Vormax io" is similar to the well-known Slither.io, only here there are much more possibilities, which makes it even more interesting. To start the game, just enter your gaming nickname and press the button - play! You enter the playing field and control your own worm. Your task is to eat other worms and not to forget about your protection. Collect food that is scattered around the map and grow in size. Sorting of players in the ranking table takes place according to their size, which means you should try to become as big as a worm! In addition to the food, on the map you can also find boosters that endow your worm with special features and bonuses. The time of each booster is limited to one minute. Your worm can not only crawl at a slow speed. It can accelerate, but it loses its mass. It can also stop abruptly and become transparent. All skills should be used at the right time to avoid becoming a victim of other players, or to try to eat the intended worm. Wormax.io also has the opportunity to play with a friend, you just need to send him your unique link. Want to change the look of your worm? No problem, you can choose any worm coloring in the skins section. It is worth paying attention to the bonuses available to registered users. After registering in the game, accumulation of essence becomes available, as well as a store where you can buy special artifacts for your worm. With all these possibilities, each player will be able to make his own unique, strongest and biggest worm. Good luck!