Zombies can't Jump 2

Mexican cowboy Pedro and his brave girlfriend Juana were in a very bad situation. They wandered around the desert and headed to the next village, where they wanted to demonstrate their fighting skills and ability to wield weapons. Suddenly, a zombie apocalypse broke out on the ground and now cowboy friends must protect themselves from hordes of bloodthirsty zombies. All that our heroes have is a few boxes and their pistols, with which they never part. The only luck is that stupid zombies can not jump, they only go in search of prey and therefore they are easy to outwit. Build towers from the boxes on which your heroes will stand. Kill all the zombies that will go from two sides. Collect money and buy upgrades. You will find a lot of new weapons, rage and various traps for zombies. In total, you have to go about 30 levels, and only so you can unlock the survival mode. Good luck!