Tug of War Zombie

In the game Tug of War Zombieyou will find a competition between two teams of zombies. These brave guys will compete for life and death. Although for them it is not so scary, because they are already dead for a long time. Each team will stand on its side and hold a long rope. After the signal, the walking dead teams will try to pull the rope each to their side. In the center of the game is a huge circular saw. The losing team will fall directly under the sharp teeth of the circular saw and turn into stuffing. The prospect is not very bright, so you should make every effort to save the greatest number of zombies from your team. Wins the one who remains alive.

In this game, you will be able to play in proud loneliness and resist artificial intelligence, or invite friends to help you and play for two. It will be a real survival contest. Smash a team of enemies to pieces. Enjoy the game and good luck!