Here you will control your tank and you have to fight against other players around the world who also control the tanks and are your opponents. All players play in the mode - each for himself, which means no one will help you. So, first you need to enter the player's name and proceed to battle. You fall on a random card with random opponents. At first, you only have some of the abilities, but in the process of the game you can collect a large arsenal. Destroying other tanks, you can collect bonuses that will make you stronger. The main important abilities include: volley, bomber call, shield for defense and mines. All these bonuses should be used wisely and only at the right time. If your tank was destroyed, you will be able to be reborn with a delay of 5 seconds and this is very cool! Move on the map, choose weak opponents and open fire. Try to live as long as possible and take first place in the table of the overall rating of players. Good luck!

How to play:
Arrows - control
Keys: 1,2,3,4,5,6
Mouse - shoot
Enter - chat
Tab - invoice table