Stickman Punch

It's time to show yourself in action! In the game Stickman Punch, you will play a cool fighter. For many years, Stickman studied martial arts and ancient combat techniques. This made him a strong, resilient and dangerous opponent. Now our hero is ready to fight evil and put it on the shoulder blades. You will be taken to the battlefield, where you will be attacked by enemies. Villains and warriors will race from all sides and will repeatedly try to take you by surprise. A true warrior such tactics will only provoke. Concentrate and do not miss the opportunity to destroy the next enemy. You will receive the souls of fallen warriors and you can buy new weapons for them. If at first, you fight with your bare hands, then having accumulated the necessary amount you will be able to wield a sword, ax or machete. Let all enemies tremble only at the mention of the name of the legendary Stikmen. Enjoy the game and good luck!