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We are happy to present you the new multiplayer game, which is dedicated to the upcoming Christmas and New Year! Here everything is as in the previous parts of the snake, your task is to gain weight the most and take the first place in the standings. To do this, move around the playing field and collect multi-colored food, which will gradually add to your weight.
The main thing is to beware of other players who will do everything to whirl you and destroy. In order to quickly become a leader, start hunting for other New Year snakes, try to turn them around, stand abruptly [on the path so that they crash into you, and you can eat their masa and thereby promote yourself to the top of the leadership table! To have an advantage over the others, on the map you will be able to find different bonuses in the form of - a magnet, a shield, super speeds and other useful finds that will help you grow the biggest New Year's snake. Good luck!