Pull My Tongue

Pull My Tongue is a great new game that will brighten up your free time. The main character of the game is a charming lizard, which is simply crazy about chewing gum. She can not resist the favorite delicacy and constantly finds a way to get the desired treat. Today we will help our little friend to get the treasured yummy. Lizards have a very long tongue and thanks to it, you can reach the gum at almost any distance. Ahead of you is waiting for a trip to the big house, where you can always find the favorite delicacy of our little animals. At each level, you have to stretch the lizard tongue so that not only get chewing gum, but also collect three golden stars. They are needed in order to open access to the next block of levels. Sometimes you can't just stretch your tongue and collect everything you need. Then you have to cheat and cut the path. Also, in front of you will be waiting for levels with obstacles and traps. Go around them and feed the cute reptile with a delicious gum. Enjoy the game and good luck!