Maze Tower

In the game -Maze Tower for Two- you are waiting for dizzying adventures with two desperate adventurers. These adventure lovers are ready for anything to explore new places and discover new secrets to the world. This time, the daredevils accidentally discovered the old tower. Behind the mossy door they were waiting for great discoveries and great danger.

Before you begin your journey, select one of the game modes: for one, for two or a race for two. In the race for two you have to fight with a friend in speed and agility. Win the one who first gets to the exit. In a mode for two, you will cope with the danger together and together look for a way out. Beware of various traps, bloodthirsty spiders, live skeletons and nightmarish bats. Each player will have three lives and it is worth saving them. In the maze there will be many loopholes and secret passages, where the treasures are hidden. Try to overcome all obstacles and find all the treasures. Enjoy the game and good luck!