Happy Superhero Racing

Happy Superhero Racing - Transform the Car, which is available right now to users of our site. By the way, the idea to combine the race with the ability to transform the car during the race into a powerful and huge robot is unusual, and the developers risked creating such a synthesis. But the risk turned out to be justified, and the game became interesting even to those players who, in principle, do not recognize this genre, and we will not persuade or urge to open the application and see that it’s inside here, so to speak, because the game will surely find its user and we can confidently assert that from the very first minutes she can claim a bookmark - her favorite games. The main task of each rider to cross the finish line, and for this it is necessary to resort to all the methods available in the application.

HOW TO PLAY? Starting the race, try to immediately hit the line of the accelerator in order to break away from your rivals and take a more advantageous position. And those riders who try to overtake you, knock them down with large-sized boxing gloves, or launch a homing missile, but if there are obstacles ahead, just use the opportunity to transform and run the robots on a given segment of the path.