Fireboy and Watergirl 7

Welcome to Fireboy and Watergirl 7. This game is a very original and interesting offshoot of the popular series of games "Fire and Water" and belongs to the category of games for two. This means that you can play both the two characters alone, or call for help from a friend and go through the whole game for a couple. Your characters in part 7 will be two cutest kittens: a little red mischievous child, a child of fire element and a blue, silent kitten, a child of water. Throughout the game you will have to properly tighten the brain and work together to reach the finish line. After all, only by acting together, the kittens will be able to overcome all the clever traps and reach the end. For example, to get to the closed cache, one kitten must stand on a secret button, and the second, meanwhile, must quickly get into the cache and go back. Throughout the way you will find bonuses with cat muzzles of blue and red flowers. You have to remember that only the fire kitten can collect red bonuses, and the blue ones can be collected by the water element kitten. But this is not all the secrets and surprises of this wonderful game for two. A red cat can freely roam in red water, but blue will be fatal for him. Also blue cat. He can pass through the blue water and nothing will happen to him, but if he gets into the red, he will immediately die. Also, for kittens deadly water is yellow. These are the incredible and exciting adventures waiting for you in the game "Fire and Water 7". Overcome all ingenious traps and go to the finish line at any cost. Have a nice game!