Family Road Trip

In the game Family Road Trip you have to spend a fun day with the Miller family. The day came and they decided to go on a camping trip with the whole family. Dad, mom, daughter and son - they are all the main characters of this trip! Ahead of them are many adventures and you will take part in them.

The game is a family train ride by car, where you will need to help the family to collect things, get dressed and go on a trip. The whole game is divided into levels, which consist of small mini-games. In the beginning you need to pack all the cans of the family for a hike, then you need to wash and repair the car. During the drive, you can do drawing and draw some wonderful pictures with different colors. Upon arrival at the place of rest, you need to help parents set up a tent, and then kindle a fire. Dad loves to fish, so help him with fishing, it will be fun. When everything is ready, you can start frying delicious meat. What will be next?

Incredibly, one of the children goes to the hospital, where you have to treat it, remove abrasions, treat cuts, and even straighten bones. Such troubles sometimes unfortunately sometimes happen on vacation and on long road trips. Are you ready for such an adventure? You have to go all the way along with this wonderful family, from beginning to end. Help them spend the coolest day in nature and return home safe and sound!