Dino Meat Hunt

Welcome to prehistoric times, where dinosaurs ruled the world. You are lucky to see the world through the eyes of ancient reptiles. In the game Dino Meat Hunt, two brothers will go to get food. They just love meat and it will be their main prey.

Together, these guys can move mountains, because each of them has different, but very useful skills. The older dinosaur can extinguish fire and fight, and the youngest one can jump high and build bridges on the water. But remember that a big dinosaur is afraid of water, and a small one is afraid of fire. Also, for dinosaurs there will be a deadly direct clash with enemies.

Ahead of you is waiting for an amazing adventure with funny dinosaurs. At each level, you need to help hunters get all the meat to open the cave and move on. Call a friend for help and help dinosaurs get to the cherished goal together. Good luck!