Car eats Car 6

Welcome to the next part of the popular Car eats Car game series. Here, you will again meet with the famous red typewriter. In the game Car eats Car 6 you have to go on an amazing journey. One day a little red car fell out of a boy’s backpack as he walked down the street. Now the typewriter needs to find a way home and overcome all the dangers that await the red car in an unfamiliar busy street. Ahead of you are waiting for a lot of exciting levels, where you have only survival. Before each level you will have the opportunity to choose the difficulty mode. The harder the better the prizes. You will drive through the streets and collect red diamonds and bonuses. Bonuses will give you the opportunity to destroy enemies, collect explosives and turbo charge, as well as improve health. At each level, you will be pursued by bloodthirsty machines that will try to eat you. You must destroy them or for a while come off using a turbo, which will help the car take off into the air. At the end of each level, you will see how many diamonds could be collected. They can be spent in the store for improving the machine, buy a gun or explosives. Enjoy the game and good luck!