Zombo Buster Rising

People began to hit a terrible virus that turned good and cheerful citizens into carnivorous monsters. To cope with the dangerous situation, a squad to fight zombies was created. It consisted of the most courageous and powerful inhabitants of Medan. But one day they received a distress call and went to help. just at that moment a whole bunch of zombies attacked the squad base. Young, but brave guys went into battle. In the game "Rise of the Zombies in the City" on the first level, you will play a lad. Then the only surviving girl to join you is a sniper and a genius engineer. With their help, you have to defend your territory and even fight with a zombie - a deity. During the shootout, you will receive money for every dead zombie. At the end of each level, you can spend this money to improve the combat characteristics of your character and his assistants. Good luck!