The peculiarity of the game Wormate.io is that instead of small dots on the map, you will collect various sweets, such as donuts, muffins, cakes and many other very tasty sweets that are scattered throughout the map. Do not forget that this is a multiplayer game in which a lot of other players. They, except sweets, eat to eat and other players, for example you! When you succeed in destroying another worm, you simply drop an unreal amount of different sweets from which you collect, you will gain a lot of mass and become big, which will give you many privileges. In addition to various sweets on the card, there will be various bonuses, such as: magnet, weight gain, invulnerability and many other useful surprises. Try to manage your worm very carefully, so as not to become a dinner for other players. Use your speed to run away from enemies and at the same time destroy them. But do not forget, the longer you accelerate, the more weight you lose, which makes you a lot less. If you want to become a unique and very beautiful worms, you will have the opportunity to completely choose for yourself a gaming skin that will make you attractive and special. Try to sit down as much as possible sweets to become the biggest worm and conquer this candy world. Good luck!