Welcome to the fascinating world of Sworm.io. Sworm.io is a multiplayer game where you can play online with players from all over the world. This game is a clone of such popular games as: Slither.io, Wormax.io and Wormate.io. These games have won many fans in this world, and Sworm.io differs from them in a slightly modified gameplay and cool high-quality graphics. Before you start playing you need to choose your nickname, you have the opportunity to choose one of the many fun skins for your worm. Also, you can log in and get your account. Choose one of the many amazing worms and go on the field. First, your worm will be small in size. To pump it and increase it is necessary to collect experience in the form of radiant, oddly shaped stones. Also, you can pop bugs that crawl around here. They will give you armor. That part of the worm, which is in the armor will not be able to separate when the enemy bites. If the enemy attacks unexpectedly and bites you, your worm will be halved. You can also bite your enemies, but for this you need to practice and adjust to such an attack. In the worst case, you just run into a rival and die. Try to catch the enemy and make him crash into you and then he will die, and you will be able to collect his experience. Also, the game has a lot of bonuses: magnet, armor, worms and more. If you take a bonus with the image of a worm, then get an additional bot bot that will become your team and will play offline. If you are eaten, then you will become the place of your bot. Ready to become the champion of "Sworm.io" and take a leading place in the top? Then, we wish you good luck and enjoy the game!