Super Mario Rush

Now we will again visit the magical world of Mario. Mario lives in the Mushroom Kingdom and is very friendly with a local princess named Peach. Not far from this kingdom lives dragon Bowser. He dreams of seizing power and for this he constantly kidnaps the princess, but Mario every time comes to the rescue and saves Peach. In the game Super Mario Run, our hero again went to rescue the princess and again he succeeded, but Mario hesitated a little and did not manage to escape from the dragon. Now Bowser, enraged and enveloped in flames, wants to catch and destroy his enemy. You must help Mario escape from the dragon and return home. Your hero will run forward automatically, and your task is to help him overcome all the obstacles and traps that are waiting for him on the way. Also, you must collect gold coins that will allow you to get a new player. Have a nice game!

Control : MOUSE