Soccer Stars

Soccer Stars is a cool multiplayer game that will not delay you for one minute. Discover the world of big sports and feel the football spirit! You will be able to challenge players from all over the world and defeat each of them. The game will automatically match your opponent and in a few seconds you will be on the field.

Before you will be two football teams. Your team is on the left side of the playing field, and the opposing team is on the right side. Each team consists of five players in the form of round chips. They will deftly glide across the field and bounce perfectly. To hit the ball you need to choose a chip, and then the direction of attack. It is necessary to think over each step well and then the chances of winning will increase several times. This exciting game will appeal not only to football fans, but to all players without exception. You will not notice how sports excitement will wake up in you and fly over for several hours as one instant. Enjoy the game and good luck!