Soccer Blitz

In this brand new game called -Soccer Blitz- you will not play in any football league, but you will play with 6 different football heroes and compete with them for cups! Isn't it funny to see that -The Fighters- are chasing after -Iron pants-, or -Naughty- are scoring a goal and singing their favorite victory song? Well, this dream has become a reality. Everyone wants to be a world champion, but there is only one place. Who will win ?!

So, the game has a mode for two players who play against each other and a single player mode that plays against the computer. In the game there're 6 different heroes, such as: Superman, Banana, Duck and others. You can only open all game characters by winning a championship, but it will not be easy. Also in the game there are 3 different game modes: competition, tournament, single ball and madness. Choose one and game modes and start the game. Each football team consists of only two players, it is a goalkeeper and a striker, who is also a defender. In order to score a goal quickly, you need to intercept the ball, lead it to the opponent's gates and execute an accurate kick so that the goalkeeper cannot catch the ball. Can you learn to play football Blitz well? Play and have fun with these funny football heroes!

Control 1 player:   -
WASD - management  
TAB - hit / interception  
T- player change

Control 2 player:  
ARROWS - management  
SPACE- hit / interception  
M- player change