Princess Room Cleaning

Welcome to the Princess Room Cleaning game. Little Princess Aisha was left alone at home. Her parents left the city for a while and the whole house was completely at her disposal. For a few days, the baby turned the house into the abode of chaos and chaos. You need to help the girl do the cleaning and tidy up the whole house. You have to clean up in five places: the bedroom of the princess, living room, bathroom, kitchen and garden. You can start from any room, but it's better to start from the rooms of the princess.

Collect all trash and clean the dirt from the surfaces. After that, you will need a mop and vacuum cleaner to make the room very clean and the parents did not notice anything. The next place to clean will be the living room. There you need to put all the things in their places and restore order, and then go to the kitchen. Wash the dishes, put the food in the fridge and wash the floor. And now it remains only to properly tidy up the bathroom and put in order a small garden in front of the house. Remove dried branches, plant new flowers and enjoy the beautiful garden. Enjoy the game and good luck!