Mad Gear Exclusive ??3D

Mad Gear Exclusive 3D is a great online racing game with multiplayer mode. Drive the best sports cars, drive at breakneck speed and compete with other players. In total, in the game you may be available 12 different machines, which you can buy for money. In the beginning you will have a Ford Mustang car, where you can take part in one of the first races. In total, the game has 9 tracks that will open as you progress through the game. Each race involves 6 players, racers and you are one of them. The first three riders who come to the finish line first receive money. Throw ahead, go through difficult turns and try to overtake rivals to earn money. After that, you can improve the performance of your car by buying new parts in the store. You can not only improve management, but also install nitro. Earn more money and buy new, more powerful cars to always leave rivals behind. Good luck!