Heads Arena: Soccer All Stars

In the game Heads Arena: Soccer All Stars - you have to prove that your team is a real winner. You can choose one of 13 teams and a player who will play alone on the field and represent his entire team. Ready to play football with the heads of football players? Then go ahead! Before you will be two game modes to choose from: tournament and group. In group mode, you can play one against the computer, against each other, together with a friend against computers and even in two-by-two mode. There are enough keys to control the keyboard even for four players, so you can invite a whole group of friends to play this football. In tournament mode, you have to play matches with 13 teams from around the world. Can your team win the tournament and become a champion? There can be one player in a team - this is you and of course two players. Call your brother, sister or father to get on the field together and show everyone how to score goals. After winning a tournament, you can play simple matches one by one while having fun. Good luck!