Fireboy and Watergirl Island Survive

The little spirits Fire and Water decided to travel a little and leave the territory of their sacred temple. Fate brought the kids very far and they were on a desert island, where they are waiting for new amazing adventures. In the game F?reboy and Watergirl Island Survive you have to help the little spirits to get out of the dangerous island alive and unharmed. For this you have to go through the whole island. You can play alone with both characters, or call for help from a friend and play for two. Horrible monsters and many traps await you in front of you. This island is fraught with great danger and you need to be as careful and attentive as possible to pass all obstacles. Here is full of small streams and ditches of red and blue. Remember that the boy Fire can safely pass through the red streams, and the girl Water through the blue. If they pass through the grooves of not their colors, they will die. Show all your intelligence and logic to solve all the puzzles and go through all the traps of this island. Have a nice game!