Fire and Water 8

Japanese secret agents Fire and Water are sent to a secret laboratory in search of crystals. Help them to successfully complete the mission and return alive and unharmed. In the game Fire and Water 8, you will help the little ones to pass the game. You will be taken to the laboratory, where deadly traps are set around: sharp spikes, deep precipices, deadly rays and unstable platforms. Therefore it is worth being extremely careful. After all, the main task of spies is to return home safe and sound, and in no case can not fail the mission. But there is a little surprise. Collect all the crystals that will fall on your way. You can play alone with both characters or call your friends for help. Someone will play as a girl - with fire, and some as a boy - with water. Be careful, because spies do not fall into the hands of the enemy. We hope that this exciting game for two will give you a lot of positive emotions and good mood. Have a nice game!