Delicious Emilys New Beginning

Patrick and Emily have a baby named Paige. Now in their cafe you can hear children's laughter, and sometimes crying. In today's game, New Emily Beginning, you have to help a young mother with cooking and customer service. To give the baby to the garden, Emily needs to earn a lot of money. Therefore, all hope is only on you and your ability to get along well and quickly with people. Your responsibilities will include: quickly take orders and give them to customers on time, for this you will receive very good money. In addition to customer service, you should also closely monitor the baby so that she does not crawl out of her playpen. If this happens, you should immediately approach her and take Paige to the playpen. With each new level, you will have new products and new worries. Try to fulfill customer orders as quickly as possible so that they leave happy with your store and come back to you again. Sometimes, Patrick will come to your rescue to sit with the baby, and you, at that time, could work in peace. Good luck!