is a cool multiplayer game where you can compete with other gamers in real time. Enter your nickname and the plane is already rushing you to the arena. You will descend to the battlefield by parachute and part of the playing field will open before your eyes. You can go down slowly and choose a landing place, or you can just quickly go down to the ground and rush into battle.

At first, you will only have a hunting knife in stock. Although he is sharp, but against the army of enemies with him alone will be hard. Carefully explore the area around you and try to search for a new weapon or box of loot. Periodically, the aircraft will drop the load. You should be careful not to miss it. There may be weapons, ammunition, bandages and other useful items.

When meeting with the enemies do not hesitate and immediately attack. After the death of the player will leave items that may be useful. Also, a lot of red barrels of flammable substance are scattered around the territory of the game. If the enemy turns out to be near such a barrel, you should make a couple of shots and tear them apart. Around you will be a lot of trees, behind which you can hide. But this is not all their use. You can cut down trees, collect firewood and build walls that will protect you from enemies. For each battle will be set aside some time and you need to have time to destroy a maximum of enemies. To lead the top you need to die less often, kill opponents and pump. This will be the most epic war!