Angry Snakes

Angry Snakes is a dynamic multiplayer game where you can compete with players from all over the world. To enter the game, if you wish, you can choose a funny nickname, and then choose a beautiful skin for an evil worm. In a special section, you can find skins of all colors of the rainbow and choose the one that you like. Also, you can choose the size of the room: small, medium or large. Make a choice and quickly go to the field.

How to play?
You will play a small but very evil worm. To make it big and bring fear to other worms you need to feed him well. Multicolored grains are the most favorite delicacy of all worms, which helps them grow and gain experience. The more you eat, the more your pet will become. In addition to food, you can find boosters in the form of a magnet or lightning on the map. The magnet attracts the nearest feed directly to the worm, and lightning speeds it up without harming the mass. If you accelerate yourself, then your snake will rapidly lose weight. This will affect your place on the leaderboard.

There will be a lot of enemies around you who will try to catch you and trap you. If you stumble upon another worm, you will immediately die, and other players will absorb all your accumulated experience. Try to deftly dodge and maneuver so that other worms themselves go to the ram. The location of enemies can be tracked using a small map in the lower left corner. Enjoy the game and good luck!