Welcome to the world of Agario. This exciting simulator has become a real sensation and blew up the entire Internet. You can play this game at home at your computer and the beauty of is that you don’t need to install or buy anything to work. Just go and play online. Everything is very simple. Agario game is a browser-based multiplayer game, which means that it is played around the world. Each country has its own servers. You just need to choose the server you need and the struggle for life begins! You will be a little bacterium. To grow and strengthen it is necessary to eat crumbs that will fall on your way. The biggest danger lies in large bacteria. They can easily devour you, so stay away from them at a decent distance. Also, you must remember that as you crack the crumbs, you will begin to grow in size. And then it is time to eat bigger bacteria. True, look at both, so that you are not eaten by any big player. And now, we want to reveal to you several tricks of the game If two cells put you in a dead end, you need to shoot a space in an empty space and then your bacterium will lose some of the mass, but you will survive, although much smaller in size. But with the help of the W key, you can cunningly lure trusting players to yourself, and then absorb them. Remember that if some large bacteria do not pay attention to you, this does not mean that they do not notice you. Most likely they are waiting for the moment when you grow up and then try to attack you. These are the simple rules of the game. Well, now it's time to devour everyone!