3D Bowling

3D Bowling is a virtual analogue of the game popular all over the world, which is played by both adults and children. Of course, the rules are different, but the game does not become less exciting. Moreover, the children's version can be played at home by purchasing a kegel toy set and bowling ball for this in advance. You can't play this way in the adult version of the game, so fans of this game go to special clubs, where they spend a lot of time and arrange competitions and even championships. The game is actually fascinating, and if you have not tried to play it yet, then we strongly recommend you to check your strength in it. The meaning of the game is as follows. There is a long path in front of you, skittles are lined up on one of the sides. On the other hand, there is a player with a ball, which must be run so that he rolls exactly along the track and knocks down all the pins to one. There are several attempts in total, and if you do not complete the main task, consider that you have lost.