3 Pandas HTML

Meet the fun trinity of cute pandas. One day, they were having fun walking in their forest. Suddenly, they were kidnapped by pirates and taken aboard their ship. Most likely, they want to sell pandas, because they are rare and valuable bears. Playing this game, you must help three pandas escape from captivity and return home, no matter what they cost. For this, they will have to come up with a plan to escape from the ship, and then make their way through the dangerous jungles and dwellings of the local Aborigines. Pandas have no weapons and no one to help them. But despite this, they love fun and exciting adventures. Relying on their ingenuity, dexterity and many skills, pandas will try to get home, but without your help they will not succeed. So, at the beginning you will be given valuable tips, use them to complete the initial levels. Next, you have to think the most, but it is very interesting. Three pandas will act as one whole team, they can run, jump, climb different elevations and so on. These pandas always help each other, so let's help them and we!